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Very slow download speed


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I've always used utorrent without any speed problems, with maxed out speed in healthy torrents, but now all of my downloads can't even reach 10kB/s. I've tried all of this guide (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992) but i still can't speed up my downloads, ocassionally they jump from 0.1 kB/s to 60kB/s then it goes down again.

I tried the slackware torrents or openoffice torrents but they are slow too.

I'm using WIndows XP SP2, my tcpip.sys is in 10, my dsl report was 986 Kbps speed and i always used 21kB/s as upload speed and my maximum torrent download speed was 120 kB/s. My ISP is Telecentro (Argentina), my modem is a Motorola SURFboard Cable Modem SBV5120 and it's connected directly to the pc without any router.

I've disabled the firewall (ZoneAlarm Pro) and the NOD32 antivirus, i've spybot as antispyware, my net.max_halfopen is 8, and the color of the network status light is green. All ports are opened. I tested my speed without any IM sofware running, utorrent, webpages, etc.

I hope you can help me, or tell me how to configure it.

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Just a precision on ZoneAlarm. People should be checking their version of ZoneAlarm. The latest 7.0.462.000 which was released on November 20, 2007 now works great with uTorrent. No CPU hogging or sluggishness. Since I've updated from 7.0.337.000 everything was fine. There may be a problem with 7.0.337.000 that keeps saying it is the latest version and so never updates to the new ones.

People who do not have the latest version should download it manually but going to http://www.zonealarm.com/store/content/support/zasc/cfu.jsp?dc=78lts&ctry=CA〈=en&lid=db_updates

and then scolling down to the bottom of the page to the "Update Now" section and select their product type to reach the latest download link.

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There's a new feature that is ENABLED to allow unlimited download/upload speed to supposedly local seeds and peers. It's under Preferences, BitTorrent:

1.Enable Local Peer Discovery (to FIND the local peers)


2.Limit Local Peer Bandwidth

Uncheck #1 and check #2.

Try these changes as well:

Turn off DHT (both kinds).

Disable Resolve IPs under the Peers Window. (That's expensive window-dressing considering it doesn't help download+upload speeds any.)

Reduce half open connection max to maybe 1-4. (You're not firewalled in µTorrent, right? ...so it shouldn't hurt as much as you might think!)

Disable resolve country flags in advanced.

Lastly, reduce total connections to 100 or less.

...maybe even as low as 20 per torrent, though 40 is probably better.

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