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DI-624 Router, utorrent, awful speeds


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Hey Guys.

After a while I finally got my speeds up by getting a static ip address, port forwarding (followed the instructions from portforward.com), adding the port to my firewall. Then, out of nowhere my speeds drop way down to 1-5kb/sec when they were usually at 15-45kb/sec. I checked my speeds and I d/l at 2.5 mb and upload at 700 kb.

Included is a screen shot of my utorrent: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2180/1979516968_eb7ff94d55_o.jpg

I usually have upnp and nat mapping disabled. and ive been switching between dht being disabled and not and it doesnt change too much. any help would be great.


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Hey. I don't know what speeds I should run at. Can you give me the speeds (and global connections and all the other info) I should be at for a 2mb download, 700 upload connection that will make the dls be their fastest.

Oh. I have another problem. My port that I forwarded to keeps closing every other day. The green symbol stays green, but when I test the port it says its closed.


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In Speed Guide (CTRL+G), the closest setting to your 700 upload max is xx/640k.

HOWEVER, this makes no mention of the weak performance of your router...so even after running Speed Guide you'll need to decrease max connections to 100 and connections per torrent to only 40.

You'll probably need to disable UPnP, DHT, Resolve IPs (right-click in peers window), and Local Peer Discovery.

You'll only need to forward TCP from your router to your computer...UDP is only used for DHT.

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