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"Folder is Empty" when files are there??


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This is my first time using the forum, so I hope I'm making this post in the right place.

My problem:

I downloaded a torrent containing about 4+ gigs worth of files. There are six files total in two folders (three per folder). One of the folders works fine -- all the files are there and working. But for some reason, when I hold my mouse over the other folder, I get the message "Folder is Empty." BUT, when I open the folder, all three files are there. If I rollover on the (supposedly nonexistant) files, I get a window containing the file type and file size. However, the files will not open at all.

I opened uTorrent just to be sure, but the torrent is 100% downloaded.

Can anyone tell me what's going on here? Can I fix it, or will I just have to redownload the whole thing? :(


I should probably mention that when I right click on the files in question, the window that pops up is different from "normal" files. It will not let me cut, copy, rename, create a shortcut, or view the properties.

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