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Port forwarding problems with Belkin F5D9230-4v2


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Ok I have a Belkin F5D9230-4v2 and have done exactly what http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Belkin/F5D9230-4v2/Utorrent.htm has instructed.

My max download seems to be about 20kbs and my max upload is 50kbs yet uTorrent still tells me that my download speed is being limited by port forwarding. I have used speed tester after configuring my router correctly to allow the porting but yet still to no avail. I already have port forwarding for games eg - WOW, UT3 etc so it really makes no sense as to why it isn't working still?

Im from Sydney, Australia and my ISP is Iprimus. If any further information is needed please let me know.

If anyone could help me that would be great.

Thank you in advance

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What's the measured speed of your connection, both Down AND UP?

(Your ISP may not be giving you what it claims!)

What settings are you using, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

(Speed Guide wants to know your max UPLOAD speed, not download! Plus, there are a lot more settings than just speed shown by that window!)

Have you changed any of µTorrent's advanced settings?

(Some settings changes can crash µTorrent and possibly even your computer as well!)

Have you tried Ultima's Troubleshooting Guide?:


(LOTS of things to try that may completely fix your problems!)

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