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I'm keeping on search for a right config to the Seed While section in Queueing tab.

Since i forced a

Ratio is <= 200%

Seeding time <= 96 hours

Limit the upload rate to: 10 kB/s

i would like to look a 10 kB/s slow down to seed with

Ratio 2.0 or >4 days seeded.


Seeded torrents keep on use full bandwidth also when GOAL is reached.

Am i wrong setting up uT?


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Thanx a lot.

Anyway, the OR between the 2 options took me confused... 8)

DO seed WHILE SR<=2 OR time<=96

is different from

DO seed WHILE SR<=2 AND time<=96


DO seed UNTIL SR<=2 OR time<=96



* * * * *

@Lord Alderaan

That's not the right way... i do not want to STOP seed, but only limit bandwidth to those i gave enough! so, limiting to 5kbs was right... thanx anyway!

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