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Progress Bar and Other Details Not Displayed


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Hi ..

I downloaded the uTorrent application and have used it successfully and happily for many months now.

But all of a sudden since yesterday i have been getting some problems..

The interface/main page where the details related to the torrent is not showing any data.

Eg : If i am downloading a torrent the progress bar shows no movement , there is no speed displayed, no seeds or peers and so on in that line.

But when i position my mouse over the icon in the system tray, it shows the amount speed for that torrent. Also in the lower part of the interface where the speed tab exists, i can see speeds between 18-30 kbps depending on the connection.

After some observations i think that the torrent is in fact downloading, but there is no info registered in the interface

I wanted to send a screenshot but this type of posting does not allow it.

Think of it as when you start utorrent without connecting to the net - When It takes time to resolve the torrent as to whether it can contact it on the net or not, but the speed shows 18-30 kbps..

Hope i made myself clear.I would be gratedul if u could resolve my problem. I had a great time using uTorrent and want to continue the same...........

Manoj Mohan

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