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Port forwarding problem


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Edit:I Have solved my problem now. Anyone else having hard time forwarding ports for the Tilgin Vood 322 take a look here, these instructions are the correct ones: http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Vood/322/Utorrent.htm

If you want to find out how to forward ports for some programs other than uTorrent, then take a look at this list to see if you can find the program you are looking for in that list: http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Vood/322/322index.htm


I am new to P2P networks and clients such as µTorrent. And I don't know much about computer networks, just some basic stuff. I have been using uTorrent for some time before without problems, but then I had Bredbandsbolaget (eng. "broadband company") as my Internet service provider (ISP). The same company was my telephone service provider (VoiceIP). Since both my Internet and telephony service was provided by the same company I got a Sisco Systems network device (a router perhaps) from my provider in order to be able to use both services. Simply put It works like this: the incoming network (cable) line is connected to the WAN port on the router, and then my computer is connected to the LAN1 port, and the telephone line is connected to the VoIP1 port. So the connection layout looks something like this:

Internet connection (WAN) > Router > (WAN port)

Router > Computer (LAN1 port)

Router > Telephone (VoIP1 port)

Lately I had to change my service provider from Bredbandsbolaget to Tele2. I am still using the same services (Internet service and VoIP telephony). For that reason I got a new network device from my new service provider for what I belive is a switch with VoIP functionality. But it might be a router as well, I am not sure. The model name is "Vood 322" by some odd brand called Tilgin. Tiligin is the more known company called i3 micro I belive. Detaild description and picture of the switch/router mentioned that currently use can be seen here: http://www.tilgin.com/templates/i3_ProductPage.aspx?id=253

Nowdays I also have connected one more computer to the same Internet connection. So now two computers are sharing the same Internet connection and they are both connected to this Tilgin device. The phone is also connected to this Tilgin device. So now it looks like this...

Internet connection (WAN) > Tilgin (router) device (WAN port)

Tilgin (router) > Computer 1 (LAN1 port)

Tilgin (router) > Computer 2 (LAN2 port)

Tilgin (router) > Telephone (VoIP1 port)

As said before I had no problems downloading before when I was connected to my old Internet service provider. The only big changes made since that is primarly the switch to the new service provider, a new router or what ever it is, and connection of one secondary computer. I have no problems connecting to the Internet with eather of the computers and everything is working just fine.

Right now I have reinstalled the operating system on my main computer and just installed µTorrent but when I test the port forwarding it sais that the port 25402 is not open - "Error! Port 25402 does not appear to be open". I have followed the "Port Forwarding for the Tilgin Vood 452w" guide at www.portforward.com but that didn't help. (guide: http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Tilgin/Vood-452w/Utorrent.htm) The model number for my Tilgin device is 322 but the procedures are exactly the same as for the 452 model. But perhaps I have to do some additional setup on mine? How do I even know that it is the Tilgin router that blocks this port? What about Windows firewall? I do use additional software firewalls. It's not like I don't have connection at all, but I think it would be a great deal to be able to forward the uTorrent port to get higher download speed. I really appreciate any advice and help I can get.

Here is the list of software and hardware I use:

Tilgin Vood 322

PC1 withfollowing apps:

Windows XP Professional with SP2

Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0

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