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peer.disconnect_inactive Does not function properly


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I noticed that peers that exceed the predefined setting do not get disconnected. For example, i have set the value to 60 (1 minute) and there are 3 peers on my list that have not been disconnected for 2 through 10 minutes of inactivity.....

Did you test this functionality properly ?

Btw.... the version is 1.2.2 ;)

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# peer.disconnect_inactive This enables or disables disconnecting from inactive peers after a set period of time (default being 5 minutes). However, it will NOT disconnect if the number of peers in the swarm is lower than the value set for maximum number of connections per torrent.

# peer.disconnect_inactive_interval This sets the time that a peer is allowed to be inactive before being disconnected, except for small swarms. µTorrent ignores values below 300.

FAQ's there for a reason.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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