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I'm from Australia and I've checked a few things to make sure this isn't a completely retarded question. I tried using uTorrent because of the suggestions people made and the fact Azureus didn't work as well with portforwarding (it's complicated).

My ISP doesn't limit anything, isn't on the list posted, and I can download real speeds of up to 2.0mbps, so it's generally capped by the potential upload of the server. I figured downloading should therefore be extremely quick if there are enough efficient seeds etc, but it doesn't seem to be getting up passed 40.0kbps, which to me seems very low, considering I normally download 40-50 times quicker from good websites or hosts such as Internode tc.

I have made sure my upload isn't ridiculously low to cap download speeds (like 10kb or greater should be sufficient?) and here is speedtest


Just repetitive bad luck on seeds?

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It's probable, even likely, that your ISP (or ISPs your connection passes through) throttles BitTorrent traffic to a fraction of what your connection is capable of. They may not throttle as much (or at all) any connections on the same ISP though.

Presumably, you're using xx/1mbit or slower in Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

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