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If your HTTP proxy supports HTTP CONNECT, look here!


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I've seen various reports of people using HTTP proxies that indeed do have HTTP CONNECT enabled. The usual advice was to tell the user to use HTTPS, but apparently, that doesn't work.

Can people confirm if HTTPS does or does not work to proxy peer connections? Furthermore, packet dumps with Wireshark would be helpful to see how µTorrent fails to connect to the proxy.

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Most trackers allow connection only over HTTP protocol. However, I also require proxy to connect for peer-to-peer connections. What I do now is to keep my HTTP proxy in start and then when I have got peer list from tracker, I shift to HTTPS proxy connection which allows me to have Peer connections. However, I must check every now and then to change connection back to HTTP so that I can announce my status to the tracker. This has become really annoying.

I have HTTP Connect support, and apparently BitSpirit client can use it to connect. However, it's really a shabby client to use....

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Firon : I am using Ubuntu and did install Wireshark. Is there some guides for newbies to suggest what exactly I have to report.

WireShark's wiki is quite enormous to suggest where to start from...

I can also boot to Windows if there it would be easier...

Here is a concise guide:


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Wow, finally this everlasting misfeature would be fixed =)

uTorrent uses HTTP/1.0 style connections in HTTPS mode, while those proxies it cannot work with seem only support HTTP/1.1. BitComet would work fine with same proxies (and it uses HTTP/1.1 CONNECT)

Simpliest test for example: install Proxomitron, setup both BitComet 0.9x and uTorrent to work via Proxomitron - BitComet would work, while uTorrent would fail with "Tracker Status: connection closed by peer" and "Disconnect: Proxy connect error: offline (timed out)" errors in the Logger tab.

Alas Wireshark cannot capture on the loopback interface :-/

ps. tinyproxy (on *nix) could be used instead of Proxomitron - same effect.

pps. Post updated with 1.8 build 6171 capture logs, since it seems to behave a bit different - no GET requests seen in the capture. And it shows different tracker status - "Proxy connect error: offline (timed out)"

Wireshark logs for attempt to download OpenOffice torrent via tinyproxy: bitcomet096-http11-vs-utorrent175and180-http10.zip

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