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RSS restarts completed & removed torrents, seems history resets.


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This has been happening for a while now, I tried upgrading and changing some settings, but here is what happens.

- RSS checks feed, finds file, and then downloads, all works good

- Once the file is completed (download and seed %) I will sometimes move the file after I Remove it from utorrent

- After a while (sometimes hours or days) it seems that utorrent forgets it's history and reloads the RSS feed attempting to download all of the hits on the feed again, when it already did once.

I am using build 1.7.5 (Build 4602)

The RSS feeds having problems are saved direct link searches for torrent sites, so the RSS keeps some files for a very long time, and the darn things keep restarting. If I have already moved or renamed the file, it basically tries to download it again. And if I haven't moved or renamed it, it starts seeding again, when I already completed seeding.

So, from what I can tell, there is some kind of bug that forgets which torrents have been added already from the RSS history.

I hope this explains the problem, I am known to just confuse people more.

I should also add that this had been working fine for a while, and then one day (maybe 1-2 weeks ago it started happening).

The PC it is on runs 24/7, and I only usually upgrade utorrent when I get the pop-up saying a new version is available, so I didn't notice anything special I did when it started acting up.


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I am downloading a fair bit of stuff through RSS, but I am only using around 5 feeds for everything. One is a feed that updates quite often daily, and the other ones only update once a week, if that.

But, like I said before, it was working fine for a while and then started acting up in the last couple weeks, I don't think I changed anything major in the RSS settings during this time.




Ok, I just checked it out, and it DOESN'T reset the history. It is actually adding all the torrents to the history again. I checked and it keeps adding the same torrents over and over again.

I counted, It actually has the same torrent added in the history 10 times, all at random intervals. 2 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 3 hours. This Doesn't make sense

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I'm having what appears to be an identical problem, have used utorrent for years and the RSS since its inception. This has only happened in the last few weeks, I have 6 feeds (all mininova via satellite) checked 4hrly and two of them are playing up.

Same symptoms as Frogger, it'll automagically download a file and afew hrs or sometimes days later it'll re-add it. Either reseeding or, if I have moved/renamed the file, redownload it from scratch. The torrent is still in the RSS history, some of them 10+ times in the last week.

Just an idea Richard, are you referring to a different history to that of the RSS tab, ie does the history you refers to list non-matched torrents? Err I'll rephrase that, if an RSS feed has frequent releases (ie 20+ per day) but your (favorites) filters each only catch 1 or 2 of those does the history include the whole lot or just those matched?

I ask because one of my feeds (which appears to be working fine but it may just be that because of the frequant release rate the file is no longer in the feed when utorrent would have tried to readd it (this sentence is really too long to be in brackets but I cbf changing it :))) is all of the many releases of a particular user and I have multiple filters picking out particular files, would a rough workaround be to break the feed up and not use the filters? ie a feed for each file. This would be a hassle and kind of defeats the purpose of the filter system, but would significantly cut down on the log size if non-matched files are historically logged.

Edit: Is there an ETA on a public 1.8 yet? If its out soon and RSS is as reworked as it sounds then dont waste your time on this. Even a vague hint on a beta release would be appreciated, should I be asking santa? :D

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Ok, good, thanks SandE66, now I know I am not crazy. I like your reply for so many reasons.

1) You seem to actually know what my username means, some people get very confused by it. I registered on this site just for this specific problem, otherwise utorrent has been working awesome for me over the last year (I switched over from the very memory/cpu hungry Azureus). But I have only been using RSS in utorrent for a few months.

2) I will also say that my specific mininova search rss feeds are the ones acting up and re-starting torrents. Where my eztv rss continues to work without a problem.

3) I was wondering why people were talking about 1.8, I couldn't find it either, so now I see it just isn't public yet.

4) I have already started splitting up my mininova rss search feeds making it less likely to restart my completed torrents. Still have a few specific ones I would like to keep set up though.

Well, looking forward to a solution in future releases.

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Ahh, I thought that was the private alpha, heh, I wondered why it was publically available on the forum, duh.

Frogger, when I used that file it came up with 1.8 Beta so I think it is pretty much what we're after. Now its just a case of seeing how we go, it looks like a much better way to integrate the feeds though.

Thanks all.

PS yes frogger I did guess what your name was, well it was either that or you're an asian frenchman :D

Edit: I think you can add my vote to the 'keep the old round icon' party unless you can improve the '3D' effect of the square somewhat.

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I have the same problem as OP. Only the mininova feeds are acting up. The rss history shows the same files over and over again about twice per day. Like above, I've used utorrent for a long time, the feeds too, but this problem started happening a few days ago.

Perhaps it has to do with the way the mininova feeds are set up. I used the method described here to set up my mininova feeds:


Did upgrading to 1.8 fix your problem?

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1.8 Did NOT Fix the problem, but I think I figured out why it is only the mininova feeds that act up.

I do believe we have mininova to blame for the issue, not utorrent. Keep reading.

I took another look at the history and the RSS feed and noticed something that is different about the mininova feeds. Each torrent entry shows the number of seeds and leechers right in the title of the torrent, so obviously that will constantly change at random intervals. So it looks like the problem is due to mininova changing their setup and has absolutely nothing to do with utorrent. That would explain why only the mininova feeds seemed to be the problem.

So I guess this can probably be ignored as a utorrent bug.


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Fixed (well, worked around) the mininova mods have been nice enough to create a 'nostats' switch to remove the stats. They also have a 'direct' switch to allow direct downloads so no more rediculong RSSatellite URLs, its old news but I didn't know about it, maybe even worth updating the RSS tutorial. See the example feeds below:




Direct to torrent file



Direct to torrent file w/no stats



I'm not sure which clients use the S/L stats or what exactly they use them for but 1.8 should definately use them for that too :P

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