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Question about the unicode beta


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Hey there fellow µT-ers, after trying the unicode beta of µtorrent, I came to realize that

unicode applications aren't natively supported by windows platforms under NT...

and then it dawned on me : "damnit, hope this doesn't mean that µtorrent will cease to work under these platforms if that's implemented as standard!"

so, in a question: if unicode is implemented, does that mean that all us older OS people are

dead in the water?

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Okey, after a bit of hassling, I finally gave up and started reading the looong loong page about the unicode layer... and it turns out that the DLL should be compile INTO the program....

Then I read THIS in the "features of this dll" section

"Lightweight and easy to use - Weighing in at ~160kb " <- LMAO

After having this laugh, I took a gander at what options I had, and realized that µtorrent really

is perfect as it is, anything else would be just a bonus :P

(But still, it feels nice to know that Ludde is utilizing his mad coder skillz to get around it :D)

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the dll isn't compiled into the program, you only put in a little bit of code to call it on 9x systems. the dll itself should go into system32 (but could probably go in the same dir as the program).

Anyway, ludde isn't gonna use unicows, he's coding unicode -> ANSI wrappers for all the unicode functions for 9x systems. This way he doesn't have to make a separate build or use unicows (he doesn't want to make people download a dll)

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