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BT Broadband Home Hub Problems


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I have an 8MB Broadband connection with a BT Broadband Home Hub.

Using Utorrent I seem to get 10KB per second max. I have tried changing the settings in Utorrent as detailed on the forum, this seemed to make things worse. This is so annoying as using Flashget I can download files at 300 to 500 KB per second no problem.

I got the PF (Port Forwarding) software as they said there would be support for the BT Home Hub soon but it has not been the case so far.

Can anyone please help, this is driving me mad. I have tested the port forwarding from within Utorrent and it says it is forwarded properly.

I am a 3D computer Animator/Modeller & I use software like 3D Studio MAX & Softimage with ease, but this torrent game has got me stumped.

Please help!


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