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Question about setting up Hamachi.


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Hamachi is a tool that makes you and a couple of friends form a LAN together through the internet. Simply put the computers of you and your friends will be 'tricked' into thinking you are all in the same room which will make a few network related things between you and your friends easier. Like playing multi-player games.

So you see Hamachi cannot really be used to bypass your ISP throttle for public torrents. You can only use it if you want to distribute a certain file/folder between a group of people who you will have to persuade to install hamachi and join your virtual LAN before you all start the .torrent.

If that is what you want it's simple. Just get every person to install Hamachi. Then let them all join the same network (free hamachi has a limit). Let them all start the torrent and LPD will probly do the rest. Make sure you you enable 'Limit Local Peers' in your advanced settings or your internet connection will be clogged.

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