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Need help to recover deleted files :(


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Hi everyone !

I accidentally deleted an uncompleted torrent . Immediately I found out my mistake and used Resoration program, hoped recover the files . However i found nothing

I tried again with filename ends with !UT and the results are De1.!UT , De2.!UT ...

De120.!UT ... "located" in Recycle Bin ( it's the Retoration found them , they actually were deleted even in Recylce Bin ) . All the file has the size of 100,000,000 .

I suspect they are fragment of the torrent file and the uTorrent or Windows ( when you move a big file to the Recylce ) divided it. But either of them did that is not important :( . I want to recover the file. Is there anyone know how to do it ?

I appreciate any help :(

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