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Priority from the current sort instead of the #nr


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Hey, sorry if this has been up before but I haven't find any info about this.

I would like to have an option that makes utorrent skip the #nr prioriting, and instead start download the next available according to the current sort. I think BitComet does it this way.

Reason for this is because when I add a new torrent, I make the lable the date when the tracker's TTL expires. I then sort by the label column and then I have the most critical torrent on the top.

As it is now it's quite a hassel using "move up"/"move down" on every torrent to make the # get the same index as it is sorted.

See following picture for example.

*Edit fixed url-tag instead of img because it became resized and unreadable

*Edit2 I also find it a bit annoying that utorrent stops an already downloading torrent, if I press start on another which has higher priority. I guess this must be disabled if the above suggestion is implemented otherwise there will be total chaos if one resorts while having this setting On I reccon. IMO it the prioriting should only be used to determine which next queued torrent to start, not stop currently active ones.

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I was going to request TTL as a column if µTorrent has that information. Would be good in order to be able to manually set prio to torrents so I get them before they expires. (Personally I don't want to have auto prio for this, just columns so I see the info in the client).

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