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Bit Torrent activity at any speed kills all other traffic!?!?!


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I have Verizon DSL (the cheap-o version) and regularly test at 150kB/s or above download speed. I can see full utilization of my 'pipes' when I download directly from a server (450kB/s for Miro 1.0 the other day for example) and can still surf an IM. Speed testing followed by downloading will match for speed. uTorrent will max out at 75kB/s or so total on now and again but no matter my total coming in, everything else is crushed. Surfing will require 3 minute page loads and IM server connections may cut out.

Every time I search for info I get flooded with info on Bit Torrent speed issues...

I'm just wondering if Verizon is choking me when it sees Bit Torrent packets coming down my line or if there's some fixable explanation out there that you guys could enlighten me on?


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