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Utorrent not letting me connect to my internet once i have exited


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people please help me

Right i have 32 bit vista recently when i have used utorrent the latest version i have problems using the internet AFTER i have exited the program and made sure its defo out of my processes.

Now i have the latest nod32 version antivirus, hope this doesent cause any problems and thats it. No zonealarm nothing like that.

Right so when i come out of utorrent i would usually wait so many seconds and then my connection would kick back in. Now it dosent even load anything, i can ping my router but cant access my router by logging onto it. I cant access any website tried it through firefox and explorer. I can log on to msn messenger no problem.

The status bar says in ie or firefox "website found. waiting for reply" or just loading and a blank screen.

Even tried restarting router still nothing. Router is a netgear dg834n

When i restart my machine my internet is back to normal back to anything i want only until i go utorrent again.

This never usaully has happened, until now.


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