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Connection closed by peer


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Hi all,

Im using Utorrent 1.7.5 but 'most' of the time when im either upping or downing I get 'connection closed by peer'

Sometimes after a couple of days it will randomly fix itself and then a few days later do it again.

This happens on most torrents from every torrent site.

Ive tried using different torrent programms but they all seem to have connection issues.

I have my port forwarded on my router and the tests come out fine.

All this is effecting my speeds drastically but things are still downloading just VERY slowly.

Sometimes the speed goes ok but the error is still there.

When I do a speed check everything is fine and if I am online gaming thats fine too.

Its just the torrents which are a problem.

The green light is on at the bottom of the Utorrent window but the lights are usually red on the actual torrent.

Any ideas?


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No im not.

Should I be?

Ive recently gone through lots of tutorials and changed the settings and its happening less but its still there.

My downloads (non torrent) work fine but Utorrents speed is all over the place. Often its less than 0.5 other times its at 150.

I just want a decent speed.

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