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Port Forwarding


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i am having the same problem.

my modem is a iConnectAccess634 modem/router and i am on 512/128k DSL.

i am using the port that was set when i installed it (53668). i have forwarded it on my modem/router but i still get the yellow exclamation at the bottom of the screen. i have done the "Test if port is forwarded properly" option and i get "Error! Port 53668 does not appear to be open." i have opened it, why is it telling me that?!

i am not using a firewall or any other software that would limit my connectivity.

i have set the connection type to xx/128k

i don't know why i am getting consistently low speeds. what is the point of DSL when i am getting dial-up speeds?

edit ->

oh i have just tried doing the speed test, but there are no locations near me. they are all US locations and i am in Australia. so it wouldn't really do me any good to try a speed test, since it wouldn't be a very accurate measurement of my speed.

edit again

i did it just for the heck of it, to the first server on the list LinkLine, Los Angeles, CA and this is the result


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okay i did the test using the 70 KB Test and this is the result

[`[*Test Results from <a href="http://www.ozspeedtest.com">Oz Broadband Speed Test</a>*]`]


Test run on [*18/11/2007*] @ [*08:22 PM*]

Mirror: [*Internode*]

Data: [*70 KB*]

Test Time: [*1.47 secs*]

Your line speed is [*391 kbps*] (0.39 Mbps).

Your download speed is [*49 KB/s*] (0.05 MB/s). )]

edit ->

okay as i right this i have

seeds 8(56) peers 23(900) for a torrent that i am downloading. why are there so few seeds? i don't understand why the other seeds cannot connect to me.

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