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weird speed issue


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for some reason my ul has been staying around 5-10 kB/s (limited to 40 kB/s) and dl is about 30-35 kB/s (unlimited with my max being 1.5 Mbit) for about a week now... I've been using the utorrent for quite some time now and never had any issues. I'm seeding 18 torrents (6 different trackers) with plenty of peers to upload to, right now there's 4 active with about 2-3 kB/s each and dling 2 (one from openoffice around 12 kB/s) seeing about 178 seeders. It does not matter how many seeders or peers there is, the ul and dl stays around the same with maybe a few kB variation

Using XP Pro SP2 (problem is there also with SP1) with patched TCPIP.SYS

ports are opened in Comodo firewall (disabeling firewall doesn't help), also tried Norton with a same result.

there is a green triangle (it has always been)

protocol encryption is enabled

doing the speedguide doesn't give me any info I don't already know. It only confirms that I have plenty of ul and dl capacity left which for some reason is not used.

Enable Encyrption is also turned on from the speedguide window

peer.lazy is true

dl-ing pointless big files via IE, Opera I get full download speed. Also my ftp is working fine for upload.

I figured that Xp might be cooked, so I did a complete reinstall and still the problem stays (also installed the amd x2 dual core drivers beacuse I read here that it's good to have them installed) After the reinstall utorrent actually worked ok for about 4-5 hours and then the speeds dropped to the level where they are now.

It's a complete mystery for me. And just to add to the mix, emule doesn't work either. It averages about 5 kB/s. Both worked together fine for years.

Something is hindering my speed. I don't think that's my ISP, it's not on the list and there would have been a uproar in the forum I frequent.

As I was writing this I notice that the ul and dl are both hovering around 20% of the set limit. It's strange that they are both at 1/5

well, I have ran out of ideas on what to do next



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