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Tri-state Boss-Key


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Currently the boss-key shows/hides the taskbar button + tray icon, or if the uTorrent window is minimised to the tray already, it shows/hides the tray icon only.

For a keyboard user, once the main window is minimised to the tray using Alt+F4 or Esc, there is simple no way to bring up the window without using the mouse AFAIK (would love to know if there's a way).

Now I run uTorrent minimised to the tray and use the keyboard extensively, so I'd like to suggest the following simple modification to the boss-key mechanism (could be made optional so people who like the 2-state boss-key can stick to it).

The tri-state boss-key would cycle between the following 3 states:

1) Show main window (i.e. there would be a taskbar button and a tray icon visible)

2) Minimise to tray (i.e. there would only be a tray icon visible)

3) Hide all (i.e. there would be neither a taskbar button nor a tray icon visible)

I think this is a simple addition that would be really useful, and what better time to incorporate this than in the forthcoming v1.8! (Hint, hint!) ;):D

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With all due respect, did you even read what I wrote?

Minimising uTorrent using the keyboard has never been an issue, it does that all too well thank you.

What we keyboard users need is a way to bring it back from a minimised to tray state (a simple minimised to taskbar state can be handled using Alt+Tab obviously).

I do hope the devs. have some good thoughts re. this...

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From a usability standpoint, possibly having to toggle through 2 states is an absolute nightmare. The keyword is "possibly" -- if the user isn't given a consistent behavior, it becomes an annoyance to use the application (or whatever part of the application is inconsistent). It's "possibly" 2 states because sometimes, you might be on state 2 and want to go to state 1 (in which case the user would have to press the key twice), or sometimes you might actually want to go to state 3 (in which case it'd require only one press -- obviously :P).

I can definitely see the reasoning behind the request, but I think retrofitting it onto the bosskey would be a terrible move. If anything, sticking the "unhide from tray hotkey" request under the larger "better hotkey support" feature request (previously requested) would be a better idea. I'm sure I requested something like foobar2000's hotkey system for µTorrent a long time ago, and while it might be overkill, it's definitely an EXTREMELY flexible hotkey system that I wouldn't mind seeing.

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Ultima, I totally agree with you re. the need for a foobar2k/Winamp-style global hotkey system - that would be so cool! :D

It was precisely because that particular request seems to be forever on the back-burner (a.k.a. 'previously requested' -> boom! -> trash :P), that I came up with this idea. I don't think it's as inconsistent as you make it out to be, once users get used to cycling between 3 states, they'll know what to expect of the next state given the current one and thus also know the no. of keypresses reqd. to get to the desired state. Also, as I'd mentioned, the 3rd state could be made optional with just a check-box.

Anyway, even if this is introduced as nothing more than a stop-gap measure till full global-hotkey support is introduced, I'll be really happy. Given the current implementation, there shouldn't be much to add to get this to work (that's the way I thought about it, i.e. usability vs. complexity and time to implement).

Let's see... (fingers and toes crossed!)

Edit: Even if the boss-key remained a 2-state one but toggled between hidden and always bringing the window to the top, that would still work IMO. Once the boss has gone, press the key to show the window and then Esc/Alt+F4/Win+D to minimise it to tray if needed. That way, the Esc/Alt+F4/Win+D keys can be used to minimise to tray, and the boss-key itself can be used to show the window whenever required. Problem solved! How about that? This should in fact require not more than a few changes to the code and might even make it smaller!

Present code (Total guesswork, of course!):

if(minimised to tray && boss-key pressed 2nd time)

show only tray icon

else if(on taskbar && boss-key pressed 2nd time)

show on taskbar

New code (Smaller):

if(boss-key pressed 2nd time)

show full window

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1: sorry for my english.

2: in BitSpirit there is an option "Boss Key active when app starts"

in this state app stast with boss key already active, with no splashes and no tray icon at all. as for me it is very usefull option and it would be great to have it in utorren, for now it is the only reason for me to use BitSpirit.

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