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Truly a great basic set -- I am massively miffed that these got replaced in 1.1.5. While I appreciate the new ones to some extent (they aren't my favorite), I have no doubt that version 3 of yours makes for the best "beginner" icon set for the status icons (I _greatly_ prefer the new toolbar icons tho). Yours are much more obvious, "simple" as you said, what each one means -- and I think this is far and away the _most_ important factor in the default icon set for any app: obviousness. If people want sexy icons, they can come get them later once they know how the app works. /me casts a vote to return to yours. Thanks for updating them up to have queueing despite the... setbacks your icon set received in recognition -- they are perfect now.

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thank you for the kind words. I agree with you the set isn't really a "powerusers" style, but it does it's job extremely effectively.

One of the big things that bothers me about toolbar graphics: if you have to put the text in your icon to describe that button's function: you fail. The icons sole purpose is to convey the idea of the action: not look pretty below text...

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lol I think I recall you telling me to get on IRC before too... forgot to respond. I don't know why, but I usually avoid IRC. Forums are generally easier for me to work with... And I'm on and off it, despite how it seems I'm on it extremely often (sometimes I just leave my browser on and leave the computer).

I'll think about it next time, when I'm not so bogged down with stupid school work (differential equations... ugh). Which means I have go be getting off the forums again, soon ;P

Edit: You've noticed that I edit most of my posts right? I'm such a perfectionist, and don't like leaving stupid grammatical/spelling/clarity mistakes... forums allow me more time to think about stuff, which, I guess, is what keeps me sticking to them xP Will see about IRC some time sooner or later, though, as I've said =]

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