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"Number of upload slots per torrent" breaks internet connection?


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I'm using uTorrent v1.7.5, and normally I will have 5 files downloading or uploading at the same time. Recently I have changed "Number of upload slots per torrent" from default "5" to "100".

The reason of changing of upload slots per torrent to high numbers because I was hoping by uploading to more users therefore I will be able to download faster. Obviously I was wrong about this point. Anyway...

After it has changed to "100", but I forgot to switch back to the default "5". Then my internet connection will stop every 2 minutes by monitor my internet traffic. It will look like this ____--------____--------______------______----- (You get the idea).

Anyway I had changed "Number of upload slots per torrent" back to default 5, and everything is ok now.

My question is "Is this a bug or simply I had increased capacity to the point that my computer incapacitated?"

ps. Evid4226patch patched to 100 half-open connection, uTorrent set around 80 half-open connection!

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