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I Think I Hate Utorrent Help Please Forwarding Error??


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Please help me, i used to have the yellow triangle error up for ages, and my ports werent forwarded properly.

i have got that icon, after many hours of painful fiddling i hasten to add to turn green and it says that now the port is forwarded properly.

i am downloading a file with 1000+ seeds

and i am getting NO download speeds at all as if they are still not forwarded properly

i am on a LAN and am not the primary administrator therefore only he can access the netgear setup thing

also i am a 16 year old so am not trusted enough with the password.

my dad is useless and cannot fix it and now we think he has and it still wont work

i am at the end of my tether and hate my network/internet/utorrent so much

also it used to work fine

we even reset the router last night and still no good


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No need to hate it unless you're absolutely positively sure, it's uTorrent's fault! And possibly not even then, for if it's a bug then the developers will surely fix it sooner or later. :)

Is there a hardware firewall in the router? What about software firewalls that might be blocking access?

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its all good

it now says that it is forwarded properly and ive got the green tick

ok so problem number 2 (because for every action there is an equal reaction)

its going slow

only at about average of 10 KB/s

i did a speed test and got 890KB/s

my download limit is unlimited and my upload to about 20

and its slow

very slow

good god


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