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Completed download not found when re-adding single-file torrents

Lord Alderaan

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When re-adding a previously completed single-file torrent to µtorrent (version 1.7.5 and 1.8) it won't find the completed download in the designated 'Move Completed downloads to' folder (if set). Instead it will start anew.

When you re-add a multi-file (aka folder) torrent it does find its already completed download in the Completed downloads folder. And you will get the following pop-up: click.

I already posted this in the 1.8 bug thread because I thought it was 1.8 only but the problem also occurs in 1.7.5.

The append .!ut, Pre-allocate files, activate the program window and don't auto start options in the Downloads Preferences don't have any effect neither turned on nor turned off. To me there seem to be no other options (even in advanced) that logically could influence this.

Steps to reproduce:

set a download folder,

set a competed folder,

start a single-file torrent (default settings),

wait until it is downloaded1,

remove the torrent from the µtorrent,

re-add torrent to µtorrent.

1 For testing purposes: instead of waiting for the download to complete you could remove the torrent from µtorrent before it is downloaded and then just move the actual file from the download folder to the completed folder. Remove the appended .ut! if you enabled that option.

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