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uTorrent fails to close all TCP connections


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Since a very long time, uTorrent is not allowing me to properly shutdown my Windows XP SP2. After it's use, the shutdown process is stalled at Saving Personal Settings.


I complete my torrent. I stop the torrent. I wait till download/upload speed has dropped to 0. I randomize the port. I use the "Empty Peer-List" option on my completed torrent. I could wait some more for uTorrent to understand I am done torrenting (it doesn't matter). I close my internet connection. The Connections Tray freezes. I can't do anything with it. My internet connection has gone offline. I cannot reconnect either. I go for a computer restart. Connections Tray gives me an error and needs to close. Windows is shutting down. Windows keeps hanging at Saving Personal Settings.

My guess was, that when I try to close my internet connection, some people (or whatever) are still connected and things get fucked up.

I use a program called CurrPorts, which shows that AFTER the shutdown of uTorrent, uTorrent still has a lot of connections going on. Thanks to this program I can close them all manually, and my internet connection can be properly shutdown.

Why doesn't uTorrent close all my connections??? I am tired of this bullcrap.

Thanks for reading :)


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Options / Preferences / Advanced / Set bt.graceful_shutdown to True and see if the problem persists.

The reason I asked about IMON is that though personally I have never yet faced any issues at all with NOD32 and uTorrent, some people have. Try the option mentioned above and if you have no luck with it, post a HijackThis! log.

P.S. You did add uTorrent to IMON's exception list, right, not AMON or something else? That's IMON / Setup / Misc. tab / Edit / Add... Also, I hope you're using the latest version of uTorrent?

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Yes, latest version, IMON is correct. I am now going to try the graceful shutdown thanks. Be right back.

EDIT: It seemed to be the solution on my last try, however in the past uTorrent has shut down properly in like 1 out of 20 times with small torrents, so I am going to try it with a new torrent and multiple torrents to be absolutely sure this works. Thanks again for your help. I'll probably be posting back later this evening or tomorrow.

EDIT2: It worked again! I did still use the Empy Peer-list/Randomize Port functions and monitored the connections, so now I'm going to try it again, without using any of this. Just stop the torrents, wait till the download speed reached 0, close uTorrent, wait a minute, and close my internet connection, right? :P

By the way, the reason I use randomize port is because otherwise my download/upload speeds keep hanging around 0.7 (and sometimes the randomize port doesn't even solve it =/ )

Be right back ;)

EDIT: 3: YOU, my friend (and DreadWingKnight) are a hero. I have dealt with this for soooo long, I have tried sooo many things, asked everywhere. GRACEFUL SHUTDOWN FTW!!!

Thanks again :P !!

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Rowan said: "By the way, the reason I use randomize port is because otherwise my download/upload speeds keep hanging around 0.7 (and sometimes the randomize port doesn't even solve it =/ )"

That's either a sign that your ISP is throttling BitTorrent traffic when/if detected on a port...OR you have marginal networking software or hardware somewhere that's crapping out under the load and then only partially works (at 0.7 KB/sec).

Have you tried Ultima's Troubleshooting Guide?:


...stuff like disabling Resolve IPs, DHT, UPnP, Local Peer Discovery, and lowering max half-open and total connections.

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