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No incoming connections


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Yesterday I couldnt get any incoming connections or DHT login. portforward.com says that the port is not forwarded, and I have the "random port" enabled as well as encryption. Essentially it just stopped taking incoming connections- it has been working fine for months.

My ISP is ACSalascom, now part of AT&T. I have a Linksy's WRT54G wireless router and a Westell DSL modem. I have gone into the router to enable a static port and made uTorr use that port but with no sucess (except to make all internet acess down.)

(I followed the portforward directions exactly...)

I know the ISP has NOT blitzed my ports....

Any ideas?

Also- I have read all of the FAQ's exaustivly and tried everything I could. No firewall on, etc. I have reset it all back to the origional last working configuration. I ahve also reset all modems/routers, restarted PC, all the basic stuff.

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