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can not get over 50kbps ... grrr


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really appreciate any help guidance anyone may be able to provide.

my settings etc

- '512/128 Plus DS' plan with People Telecom in australia.

- d-link DSL-G604T wireless router (firmware version V2.00B07.AU_20060901)

- windows xp sp2

- consistent speed test results around 350/100 at http://www.dslreports.com/stest

- running 'peer guardian 2'

- running Norton Protection Centre ... i know i know

- ports mapped succesfully - exceptions set in norton - green light in utorrent

have tried mucking around with all sorts of settings after reading numerous posts on here - all to no avail.

the openoffice torrent maxes out at around 50kbps

please help :)



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512kbit/s = 512/8 KB/s = 64KB/s

You are already near your connection's maximum, assuming your ISP is even really giving you as much as they advertise (might not always be the case). If you look at your speed test results...

350kbit/s = 350/8 KB/s = 43.75KB/s

Since you're already above that amount, I'd say you're doing well with your connection. Just make sure you've selected xx/128k in the Speed Guide.

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Actually to get closer to the usable download/upload speeds, you'd be more correct dividing the kilobits/sec bandwidth speeds by 9 or even 10 to get KiloBYTES/sec file/torrent transfer speeds. This is because not EVERY bit can be used for part of the data sent/received...lots of overheads exist for each packet -- destination ip, port, protocol, time-to-live, packet length value, EoF flag, etc. This is to say NOTHING for the extra overhead of the BitTorrent protocol which keeps peers and seeds connected with each other and communicates who has what parts of the torrent, as well as download requests for those parts by peers.

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