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workaround to reorder torrents using WebUI


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You have several torrents downloading. At the remote location you decided to add new torrent and move it to the top -- happens very often to me. Here are the steps. First ensure that newly added one will not start and will be queued. This can be done by adjusting max number of active torrents. Then add new torrent, open files tab, and set all files as 'skipped'. After these manipulations the new torrent is shown as 'downloaded'. Now you can set files back to 'normal' and it will be on the top.

The same way you can move any current download to the top. Just set all files as 'skipped' and wait until all remaining pieces finish downloading. This may take some time. Once it shows 100%, set files back to 'normal' or whatever previous setting.

I know I can use force start or temporarily stop other downloads but this method seems to require less babysitting later.

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