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Serbian Translation


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  • 5 weeks later...

I took a peek into Serbian translation done by 'ozzii' and I must say that it is obviously a product of unnecessary haste. The text is full of typos, spelling and syntax are very inferior. Why bother translating if you don't make an effort to check your translation for errors at least once, or perhaps consult someone who did not learn the language from TV and comics.

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Thanks for your nice words.

But my translation is not "full of typos, spelling and inferior syntax ".

I did at least 30 Serbian translations, and this is the first time that someone criticize my work (maybe all the Serbian users didn't know Serbian language like you) ;)

Why don't you buy "Zagor" and "Kapetan Miki" for learning Serbian like I did !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again......

Update for the 1.2.0: http://www.mytempdir.com/259308

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Whilst the effort is appreaciated, this is not a proper translation into Serbian. I'd like to announce I'm already in process of translating the unicode template for the latest version into Serbian cyrillic script. Now, I don't want to undermine your work here, so it will be a seperate project.

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Why don't you give me examples of what is so HORRIBLE !!!

I already told that my translation is OK. I send it to few people and nobody say that it's HORRIBLE !!!

I suggest that you re-translate all the text and put it here.

Pozdrav !!

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Please enter a valid tracker URL. Do you want to continue without having any trackers?

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All this was in the first 5% of the file, and there are constantly errors, typos, and semantic errors. I DO appreciate your effort in providing this translation, but for the end user it's confusing, misguiding, and overall bad. If you don't want to change your translation, give it to someone who will, so we could finally have proper one.

And i don't want to translate whole text, because i'm currently tied to several other translating projects which are huge btw (Microsoft Vista, Office etc)

If you'd just take some time to think about what are you writing, you should be able to translate it correctly in no time.

@hwfanatic, when you finish cyrillic version, please transliterate it to latin script, it should be easy with some automated software.

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But, that was the whole point... It's a common mistake to write Serbian in latinic script, and whilst I'm not sure where it originates, it is still just that - a mistake. For example, I would consider doing so here on this board, because I have to. The reason is that it is not unicode, and so all the special sharacters would be turned into entities. But, µTorrent uses Windows® native unicode (wide character) support. I intend to use it.

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