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massive network slowdown


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Hi, guys, I have poked around the forums some looking for responses to questions similar to this but have been unable to find anything truly helpful. I am running 1.7.5 on XP SP2 with a Netgear WGR14v6 router. We have Verizon dsl with speeds around 300kB/s down and 85kB/s up. Very recently, in the last two days or so, running uTorrent has begun to cause massive network slowdowns. Browsing is very very limited, 1 page can take 5 min or so (this affects all computers on our LAN). Also, I am no longer reaching my upload or download max in uTorrent, most torrents seem to be upping at 56k speeds or less, and downloading at around 10% of potential, even with large swarms.

My uTorrent is configured correctly for normal usage, port forwarding is working properly, DHT is disabled, encryption is enabled, incoming legacy connections enabled. I noticed that i was receiving the errors associated with TCPIP.sys under SP2, and patched to increase this value to 50. I stress that uTorrent had been working just fine, even when receiving this error, and patching TCPIP did not correct the issue.

From what i have read, this seems most likely to be a problem with my router (which was updated weeks ago with the latest firmware). I have approximately 200 torrents seeding at the moment, which i assume is also somehow related. This number may have increased slightly in the previous few days, but again, uTorrent had been running fine prior to this, with more than 150 or so open torrents. I cant even begin to imagine what could have changed in the last day or two, other than adding a few more torrents. I am simply unsure of what to try next, hence this forum post. Any help provided would be most welcome. Thanks!

Small update: Bypassing the router did nothing to address the situation either.

Another update: Web based DSL speed tests are significantly underreporting both my up and down speeds. While I am CERTAIN the 300kB/s down, 85kB/s up were speeds i was achieving with no difficulty, web based results now report speeds of 100kB/s down, 9 kB/s up. Sigh.

Final update: After further investigation, this was a problem with my isp/dsl modem which was limiting my upstream to around 50kb/s. Thats b, not B. Anywho, it appears this tiny, tiny upstream was naturally maxing out with the sheer number of announces/peer cons./etc. This has now been corrected and i am smoothly running. Those with the power to do so, feel free to send this thread to the trash.

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