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Vista slow...


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hi, i have bought a new pc and it cames with Vista premium 32x, i've install utorrent 1.8beta, the port is ok, but i don't download above 5kps, i've seen in a couple of sites something about fixing tcpip.sys , but i cant replace this file, not even in safe mode...

If someone could help me...

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tcpip.sys isn't "broken" as far as I know, you just may want it to do something it won't let you.

You could use more limited settings in µTorrent and not bump into tcpip.sys file's limitations...and still possibly get download speeds within 90% max of your connection -- *IF* your ISP isn't blocking you!

Have you tried Ultima's Troubleshooting Guide?:


(LOTS of things to try that may completely fix your problems!)

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