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download prioritisation, markers


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First i asked:

"I have too many torrents undownloaded. Problem is Utorrent doesnt concentrate on some and then move onto others, it treats them randomly everytime you start program- even when you have number of active torrents set quite low.

Would be great if I could number prioritise them with a "score" like BNR2 New Reader. Very simple

Or just as useful would be to be able to mark them and choose yourself what to do with them. Like alkl those youve marked rggreg, youd know you wanted to downloade later. All those marked 435435 are those you probably dont want to download and so on. Just some easy way of organising your downloads.

I know I should only download small number of torrents but im sure no one does this in practice, especially when you're member of private tracker and you need to seed for months afterwards."

DreadWingKnight replied

"Actually, it does prioritize the torrent tasks by the number placed in the "#" column.

If more tasks than that are getting started, it's because one or more are not actually transferring.

For seeding tasks, lower ratio torrents get priority first, with 0 seed torrents getting higher priority.

Advanced seeding rules have been previously requested.

For prioritization within a batch, there will be NO changes to the file priority system"

My question in condensed form

"Would be great if I could.......prioritise"

"and choose yourself (I.E. myself) what to do with them"

Your answer

"it does prioritize the torrent tasks"


I want to prioritise downloads rather than have the program do it for me. Can I, not Utorrent, number the #?

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ok just let me try........

doesnt work good, i have 17 active downloads but 50 plus are downloading. Therefore when i next open programme a different 17 torrents will be downloading.

problem: i always re-order my torrents for visual ease - sometimes by percentage sometimes by hash sometimes by alphabet. I would like full control over which priority the torrent is given and for this to stay static please!

Prioritisation is no good if the prioritsation changes when you rearrange column - i am not sure prioritiations works anyway.

..ok it seems to work but VERY VERY confusing and time-consuming.

Say i want torrents beginning a-e to download first, i rearrange byt alphabet, then individually use up and down arrows for EACH torrent in a-e. Number of key presses=100+


going to sleep.........i have pressed mouse button 1500 times, need rest.

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Unless you have gargantuan bandwidth, I can't fathom anybody getting 50+ torrents to simultaneously download at any decent speed for the simple reason that you can't possibly be uploading fast enough to other peers to get them to reciprocate. There's also the fact that the client will only support connections to so many peers globally, which means each torrent is going to have a small number if you try to trade all of them simultaneously.

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Good to hear that there is plan to allow colour-coding of torrents- will further improve organisation.

Good point but I restrict number of active torrents to 17. 50 plus are downloading but I mean they are unpaused not actually downloading. It says downloading in column.

Being able to input #number with keypad in properties for example would make above task SOOOOO much easier. !!!{{}}

Good to hear that there is plan to allow colour-coding of torrents- will further aid organisation.


By the way, you could really help me out here. Aparently I have a very very very unusual IP address. It gives me all sorts of privelages like free torrents from private trackers and more.

My connection speed is only 2mbps and its assymetrical (220KB download 15KB upload). However, I download at full speed all the time despite upload speed being capped in settings at 6KB.

Are other people able to download at 220KB/s continuosly whilst only uploading at 6KB/s or is this a special privilage due to my IP address being unusual? Public trackers do not use credit systems clearly or do they and i am exempt?

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