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Computer Locks up or Restarts


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When I leave uTorrent running overnight, or throughout the day sometimes, when I return to my computer I cannot get uTorrent to open back up. I look at the status on the icon and the rates never change while this is happening. When I try to open the task manager, it will not allow me with an error message. (Sorry, didn't write it down, I will next time). It was something about not having authority even though this is the admin account. I restart my computer and it's fine. But every now and then it just will restart instead of just locking up. I have my firewall allowing the ports, and I get the green check on the bottom of the program. I run Zone Alarm Pro. I have done scans with the zone alarm anti-virus, Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware. My computer is clean. I cannot figure this out. A while ago I thought maybe my Diskeeper was making the problems, so I shut it off. But it's still making the errors. This has been since the last patch.

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