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Lost all the data in utorrent..


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Hello all. For some reason while I was using utorrent my computer got a glitch and when I restarted ALL of the information in the utorrent screens (completed downloads, currently downloading, active, etc.) are all gone. I checked the preferences and it does point to the correct drive and folder where all downloaded info is kept. When I check that folder I can still see the files as they were not deleted however, as many of these files were in various states towards their goal of being completed I do not know which are done and which are not. Therefore, is there any way to get uTorrent to go back and fill in the missing files/titles within its own screens and then pickup where it left off in its downloading activities?? In other words how can I get it to show the total completed, currently downloading and the other info as it was before this glitch so it will pick up where it left off. Thanks for all help given..

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