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Utorrent and problem with Windows Live Messenger


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Hi, i have a problem with Windows Live Messenger.

I I have been 1 week reading all the problems the people have, and still not found a solution for me.

My connection is : 2mbit / 256k

My utorrent (1.7.5) settings are:

upload 9 kb/s

download 60 kb/s

global connections: 100

Maximum connections per torrent: 40

Max upload posts per torrent: 2

i have the lvllord and raised up to 50 connections.

Using Windows XP SP2

Also my router is linksys WRT54G v 5.0 with dd-wrt with QOS enabled.

Micro is not AMD.

My messenger dissconect and reconnect randomly, i don't know how to solve it.

please help with this


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