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Tracker is sending invalid data


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Tracker is sending invalid data: .

* Happens on two different trackers that require a passkey

* Happens on all torrents on those trackers

* Does not happen on public trackers without a passkey

* Disabling my firewall (which isn't on the list of incompatible software) doesn't make a difference

* PeerGuardian isn't set to block HTTP

I've tried a forum search but all the messages said it's a tracker problem, which doesn't seem the case here because it's happening on two trackers. I've had a few unrelated BSODs recently, so maybe it's possible some µTorrent files were corrupted? If so, what files should I get rid of without losing my settings and torrent list? Thanks in advance for any help :)

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you need to set your firewall to "enable all connections" to get rid of this. seems like alot of the firewalls out there blocks the private trackers. i've noticed that u get this question alot on this forum and now all of u Administrator's can tell everyone to set up their FW correctly instead of trying to find the problem with the program since there is none :)


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if you are using outpost suite 2008....it's an outpost bug...you can workaround/fix it by setting EnableContentHandler=FALSE (instead of it's default value of TRUE) in machine.ini of outpost (saving of your editted machine.ini only works if you disable outpost self protection during save).

fyi, this bug only shows up for torrents where the tracker does not use the standard port 80 for announces.

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