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done everything !!!! nothing helps....


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ive read posts all over, and all say the same from this website, so i think ive done right about all i can do....still i get a "warning" yellow triangle, whys that? and it also says that my port is not forwarded correctly:

1) MODEM: Motorola SB5101

2) SWITHC: CNet (dont know the model)

3)windows firewall accepting utorrent

4)antivirus is McAfee but is not even working right now

please if someone can help me!!!! im currently not downloading at all, but when i get 5 mins of downloading, if im lucky, i get to a max speed of 3kb/s.

im not much of a computer genius but i think i handle myself around them, so please any info im missing in the post , ask me and ill get back at it as soon as posible. really , thanks for any help i can get from you!!!

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