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utorrent + vista business + voyager2110 + listen port error


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Since getting a lappy with Vista business, utorrent hasn't given a green light on my open port.

I've got a static IP for my laptop [changed the DHCP range and set my IP outside of that range], the port is forwarded on the voyager [even double checked portforward.com], utorrent is in the windows firewall exception list along with the open port and all I get is a red icon with 'Listen error: You should change the listen port' even tho the utorrent port test tells me that it's open.

If I use a random port, the icon goes yellow. I've also disabled UPnP in utorrent.

I'm now using utorrent 1.8.6415 beta [was using 1.7.5]

I'm kinda at my wits end really.

Any ideas?

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