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listen port error


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For some reason i am now getting a "listen port error"... it was working fine before but i just now noticed that it doesn't like the port that i am using..

i have forwarded the port in my routers settings and i also do not have a firewall on this computer. and the routers firewall is disabled.

any ideas? if you need more info just ask.

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not that i am aware of.. i ran TCPView ti see if there were any other programs using the same port, but i didn't see any.


Guess i fixed my Listen Port Error... All i did was delete the "Settings.dat" and the "Settings.dat.old" and restarted utorrent and now its in the green

But im still having problems connecting to seeders and peers...

Seeders : 9(1209)

Peers : 77(8655)

with the seeders, it tends to stay around 5 to 15 and with the peers it stays around 60-80

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