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*.dmp Appears after long time working Preperly


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Morning All

after long time of use uTorrent properly, suddenly Appears window that tell me there is log dmp asking me to restart program or send *.dmp file.

Thes is all Lof files rared in one package at this link

dmp hijackthis process explorer.rar - 0.03MB

Just to know, I use the last version of uTorrent V 1.7.5 (Build 4602)

So, I restart the Program & work Perfectly But I need to know Why The Program Generate

This *.dmp File .Just I need to Know to avoid this symptoms in future.

I appreciate any explaining for this topic in advance.



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I received a similar error after uTorrent has been running for several weeks. The error occurred just after I right clicked on a torrent in the main listing window.

I've packaged the log files into a .zip file:


This error occurred in uTorrent version 1.7.5 (build 4602) as well.

Hope this additional information helps narrow down where the cause may be. I am unsure of whether or not I can reproduce the error, but if it occurs again, I will let you know..

Thanks for the otherwise excellent application!


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