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Error message pops up when selecting different download directory!


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When selecting a different download folder when the torrent is loaded, scrolling down the drives this error pops up:

Windows - NoDisk

Exception processing Message c0000013 Parameters 7cc31d6c 7cc31d6c 7cc31d6c 7cc31d6c

Cancel Try Again Continue

And it keeps on popping up continuously and I have to keep pressing continue or cancel several times before getting out of the loop.

As I said, this happens when I start scrolling down my drive letters and pass a CD drive or a removable drive (I have 10 drive letters on this machine, 2 are removable devices, 1 is a CDROM, 2 are CDRecorders and the rest are fixed disks or partitions).

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That machine is running Windows 2000 Server SP4. All the drives physically exist (but CDdrives are usually empty - that shouldn't be a problem).

As a side note, I didn't get that error yesterday and the browsing of the drives went without errors (first time). However, after closing and reopening the app, I got the same error again and I didn't make changes to my setup. As I said, the error pops up after scrolling down the second CD drive in the list apparently and keeps on coming up after that. Maybe some glitch in the browse window handler or something.

It's no big deal really, I just type in the path manually and avoid the hassle. Just figured I'd post the bug FYI.

Thanks anyhow.

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