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Help me with speed guys...


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Hi guys,

I have some problem with download speed. Okay here was what I had done so far to ensure I'm taking the right path to increase the download speed but unlikely work.

I had read the Speed Guide and done the speed test. In kb/s, download speed is 533 and upload is 103, so I set the download and upload speed 540 and 110 respectively.

I did the port fordward well, and pass the test in port test.

Currently am downloading a torrent. It maintained at around 4.5kb/s and this is really headache. Seeds are 14(35) and Peers are 25(89). it should be fast right...Wondering why...Anyone can help me please. Which steps I done were wrong please figure me out :(

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µTorrent download and upload speeds are KiloBYTES/sec, bandwidth speeds (Kb/s) is in kilobits/sec...so you really only have about 1/10th what you think you have.

ISPs that Block BitTorrent are worse than throttles...you may be able to download/upload, but maybe less than 10 KiloBYTES/sec speeds.

Doesn't hurt to try?

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