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Upload Limit at 4Kb/s


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700 megs into a 4gig download

Global upload set at 38Kb/s alternate upload set at 45Kb/s

General tab shows upload limit at 4Kb/s. upload limit of 4Kb/s set to kickin when ratio is greater than 150%, my ratio is .2ish. This is restricting my download to less than 20 Kb/s. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

Many thanks

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Could it be that early on in the download that your upload rate was considerably more than your download?

...like you got the first chunk of the file and had to upload it to 10 people before you finished your second chunk?

Because then your ratio might have exceeded 1.5 -- even though it fell to below 0.2 since!

That lower-speed seeder option should only kick in IF the download is completed.

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