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why my utorrent don't work??


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Installed the last version 1.7.5, behind comodo fw 3.0.13 but all my torrents having the red arrow icon!!

in the general tab i can see offline (time-out) but i try a test torrent from various tracker...

i had read faq oped all the door, got green icon on the bottom of the screen the "thes port forwarding" is ...

"Checking port 61030 on

OK! Port 61030 is open and accepting connections."

Where the mistake? is there a test tracker working for sure?

please help me if u can!


p.s. my be my English is not so good..sorry

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are there some torrents in open office site?? i will try immediatly


this is the trackers in the torrent proprieties





they change in the general tab but always the status remain (translated from italian)

"impossible estabish the connection,persitent refuse from destination computer"

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maybe i do something wrong with comodo.. so i tryed to stop it, but nothing appened.. read the rules and tryed to follow them.

I've got green spot telling me "network ok" the port 61030 i correctly forwarded by comodo and the SpeedTouch 530 (i saw it hith the test)

Tried to remove and reinstall utorrent and still the same.

In the log peer traffic i can see a lot of connecting port and disconnect time out.

is there anybody succeded with win xp-comodo who can tell me the rules applied?


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tried uninstall Comodo, keept only windows firewall, but still the same!

Don't thing is my ISP... at the beginning i succeeded in download a test file but now i can't.

latest news...

trying download openoffice... 2.92 mb dowloaded.. then stopped once again.

The avaliability bar is identical the downloaded bar white with some blue vertical bar... does it mean that i have got all the pieces avaliable at this time?

sorry but I'd like to understand how torrent works


yes, thanks to the forum now i can see at leas one torrent "active"!!

once again seek for notices and understood that the rule to create have to be set in:

firewall->advanced->Network security police->global rules->add the rule:

Action = Allow

Protocol = TCP or UDP

Direction = In

Source IP = Any

Remote IP = your IP adress (or "Any" )

Source port = Any

Remote port = the port your bittorent program uses for the TCP/UDP connections

and moved the rules up (otherwise the block ip rule is winning)...

again in the firewall->common task->define a new trust application and selected utorrent (not sure this is to do)

Thank's again also for the patience


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