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Web UI - Enhancment request


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Just finished trying the Web UI, love it, fantastic... but...

1) Adding torrents by pasting the URL in the popup window...is there anyway to either close the window once the "Add" button is clicked or have it disabled until the torrent is confirmed as being added and then re-enable?

2) How about a "Add URL from clipboard" feature for the Add Torrent popup (saves my lazy ass from pasting it into the textbox)

3) Once the URL has been added, clear the textbox

4) When the "Add torrent" button is clicked, all textboxes should be init to blank. Currently they always have the last added torrent in there, which is annoying..

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1) I think people (including me) prefer to quickly add multiple torrents over being forced to wait a bit between adding each torrent until u can see them appear when the webui refreshes. You can wait if you want. Don't force it on others.

2) There is functionality for this option in Javascript but this is disabled/protected by default in Firefox and Opera so it would only work in IE (and Safari). more info

3) It could be cleared when you press 'add URL'. Clearing it when the webui refreshes and sees the torrent has been added is a bit more difficult.

4) Yeah I agree it feels a bit unintuitive now.

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