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audio playback gliches whilst running utorrent


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hi all

i am having trouble playing audio through wimamp whilst utorrent is down loading in the background, this issue seems to get worse as the more utorrent downloads, once utorrent is closed audio plays fine, this also affects playback of video clips through vlc however it is no where near as noticable, and doesnt really affect picture. maybe cause audio isnt a constant sound stream like a song is and only the sound is noticable affected. i havent experience this before using a tower but i always had a slave drive to dump onto, but now i am using a lap, i have tried playing music from an external hdd and the audio is still affected, the computer seems to have the specs to deal with what i am attepting to do which isnt really a big ask.

celron 2.2

512 ram

160 g hdd

can anyone help please i am goin mad as ya do.

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