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when talking download and upload speed do you mean per file or total?


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when people who know what they are talking about generally say download speed is 500kB/s I assume they mean at the bottom of utorrent it reports a total speed of 500kB/s.

so if i have two files and the utorrent interface is saying each is downloading currently at 250kB/s and the total is reported as 500kB/s this is what you mean by download speed.

I have 5 Mb/s download and 768kb/s upload embarq internet and I get exactly that as true speed I live half a mile from switching station and optic fiber from there on.

so 5000 divided by 8 is 625 and yes when i use windows to download an nvidia driver etc. it says 612kB/s

So basically what I am asking in my own confused way is if you have a regular web browsing downlaod speed of 625kB/s is it common on utorrent to download total speed reported at the bottom close to that? or are most of you talking about speeds per file.

my first experience with utorrent was funny becuse i had flashget installed and it took over the downlads I thought this was normal at first but I definatley downladed files at the full speed 600+ KB/s and they wre torrent files.

EDIT: ok i basically decided to set the upload speed to full 768kB/s and only other setting was turn off fire wall monitoring for windows and I downloaded a test file open office p2p here


and I stopped all downloads and uploads and wholly molly this one file downlaoded at an average of about 600kB/s I now have ful faith in the standard speed settings.

my recomendation is to try a test file !!!! if you can get top speed like you were normally downloading say a nvidia driver etc. then you are OK

I basically thought utorrent speed settings were download so I set it at 2Mbit or 10 Mbit and I did get my fastest speed with one of these two settings. now I set teh speeds accordign to the guides strictly and I get around 125 average per file.

I just cant find any settings to get me back to seeing 500 or 600 kB/s which when i noticed was approx 250+ on two files.

needless to say I am paying great attention now to speed per file and total speed.

I am basically confused a llittle I have rock solid connection as it gets really so I wll try to monitor things.

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Yes, the speed limits in µTorrent are total speeds split between all active torrents.

Watch out for other 'bandwidth eaters' on your connection that may be cutting into your BitTorrent speeds. Even a background windows update could be doing a pretty big hit to it.

Your UPLOAD speed is a heavy decider of your download speed...if you don't upload reasonably fast, then your download may be pretty low as well.

On "average" torrents, it's actually rather unusual to get download speeds more than 4 times your upload speed. I see LOTS of torrents where I only get less than 50% more download speed than upload speed. Naturally, this means someone else is getting less down than they're uploading. They may just be seeding though...but not always due to bad BitTorrent client settings!

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my upload speed is 768kb/s divided by 8 then multiplied by.8

I followed the instructions and I get a setting of 76kB/s to put into the global bandwith limiting.

am I doing something wrong? I just dont see exaclty how my upload speed has to do with my download speed unless its cutting off the replies it needs to download or the program actually lets people who contribute or upload faster/more get more bandwidth?

Will I get faster download if I set my upload faster because to tell you the truth I have uploaded at almost 200kB/s with the old settings.

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All those settings in µTorrent are there for a reason. Many are inter-related, you change one and download+upload speeds may go up or down.

It doesn't help much (if any!) to set upload speed faster than you actually sustain on big torrents.

embarq ISP may partially throttle BitTorrent. Done any web searches here and using GOOGLE?

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