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Speed limitation??!!!!


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why utorrent 175 is maximum download limited at 11,5 Mbytes/sec ~ 100mbps??

it doesnt matter if are more torrents ore just one the global download rate or upload will never exceed 12MB/sec; i run some test to prove my theory:

from pc 1 to pc 2 interconnect with 100M lan cards maximum dl rate was at 9,8 MB/sec

from pc 1 to pc 2 interconnect with 1000M lan cards maximum dl rate was at 11 MB/sec(simple explorer copy will go way faster: 30-60 MBYTES/sec)

now from same PC user1 hdd1 with utorrent open with one torrent for seed; to user 2 hdd2 -- maxim dl was 11.5 MBYTES/sec (i do this to eliminate any lan cards limitation-and then .....same crap)

i want to remind i wasnt set up any dl/up limitation from torrent or global from options...im not that stu*id!

i want a direct answer from staff and PLEASE remove the limitaion on NEXT RELEASE PLEASE??

10X from your attention and sorry for bad english(im not an active english speaker)

and i want to point a little problem with utorrent writing on disk with high speed:

if the disk where torrent files are downloading is too slow on RANDOM WRITE and dl speed is high(>4-5MBytes/sec) then utorrent will crash after filling all the avaible ram with data blocks and unable to write them to disk(because is slow)...this happen more often on the begining 1-2% of torrent curent completition(when the torrent files are preallocated on disk);

i solved this by press the start button,wait until 1% completition,then pause,again wait for hard activity to stop(1-2 minute) and after that continuing the downloading with out worry utorrent will crash;but this is annoying.

i cant be more explicit... im bad at english..sorry

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Do you even KNOW what "100M lan cards" means?

...or "100mbps"?


My apologies, it seems you do.

At first glance, I just thought you were a clueless newbie spouting nonsense.

If the max speed limitation is a bug in µTorrent, I am reasonably confident that it will be fixed. It could well be something else...such as a bug in Windows networking or buggy networking hardware/drivers.

The issues with Windows cache problems is known in v1.7.5 and work to fix it is heavily underway in the v1.8 alpha builds...which you can test if you want.

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i dont belive Firon... you should try yourself....copy direct trough utorrent from hdd1 WB aaks 500gb to hdd2 WB raptor 10k 36 GB .and the speed is only 11MBytes/sec??

i dont thinck so... i tried every possible way and never get any faster...

i will do one more test.. make 2 virtual hdd from ram (1gb each) and copy something with utorrent.. and lets see if speed jump out (300-500 MBYTES/sec expected- its just ram to ram copy)

i will take pictures and post here

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I'd expect µTorrent to experience upload pipeline stalling at some unknown upload speed. Naturally, it will be lower in speed with a single ip-to-ip than with 10+ ip-to-ip connections at once. However, lower latency LAN connections should make the stalling less significant and throughput much greater than with 50+ ms internet connections. High speed variability of the explorer copy test suggests there's probably other factors/problems involved with the LAN network. There are probably an advanced setting or 2 in µTorrent that might make this problem occur...or be lots worse than otherwise.

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